Basic NATO Straps

Basic NATO Watch Straps – Available Across Australia

Our team believes that the difference between good and great when it comes to watch bands is the attention to detail, which this brand has done exceptionally well. These high-quality products are superior in their field and even if you don't know what they are you have without a doubt had the privilege of seeing one because they can be found on the cheapest to most expensive timepieces.

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These don't need to be boring, and this popular trademark is quite eye-catching and on-trend with their exceptional features. Which is why we love bringing this label to customers across Australia so much; they have been created with great attention to detail and complete functionality without compromising on the stylish look.

Get the NATO Look

You're probably wondering what makes this label different to every other available across Australia? Their point of difference is that they are unlike any other you can get and have created themselves a niche market with it threading like a belt. What we mean by this is that it threads behind the timepiece without the need to use any specialised tools.

The reason it is such an easy switcheroo is that they have been designed to be different from other watch straps which usually clip in two pieces and are designed for more functionality by being easily interchangeable.

Given that they give your wrist a bit of extra character at fair prices, our team have come to have some favourite colours and styles over, including:

  • Regimental - black and grey;
  • Rainbow;
  • Forest green;
  • Vegan leather;
  • Quick Release NATO Bond;
  • Ultra vintage bond; and
  • Supreme teal, black and orange.

It doesn't matter what your individual preference is because we have you covered with one of the largest collections across Australia. We have many colours for customers to choose from and enjoy wearing each day.

If you are thinking of purchasing your first band, we suggest starting with a standard option which is durable and come in an array of hues and patterns. From there, supreme is the next level which is similar to a 'seat belt' that has beautifully bevelled hardware and is one of the most popular and superior looking that we sell.

While they were traditionally made from nylon, they have evolved and now come in an assortment of materials including canvas and leather.

There are many benefits of using this product, and their ease of use is only one of them, included also are that they:

  • Comes in a variety of colours for multiple looks and styles;
  • The nylon bands are waterproof and durable;
  • They're extra long which means it can be word over bulk items;
  • If your wrist is small, it can be easily shortened; and
  • Works with just about any timepiece.

We love this brand's watch straps so much that we can't wait for you to browse and get a feel for the quality of this brand. We invite you to explore this range and have your pick of the bunch shipped to you anywhere across Australia – from Melbourne to Sydney and beyond.

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