Installing your Watch Strap

Most watches allow you the luxury and fun of changing the watch strap! It's a simple and easy thing to do at home. Let us show you how!

First, let's remove the old watch strap. 

Check the underside and see if it has quick release spring bars as circled below

If they do, you can simply use your finger to slide the lever of the spring bar away from the watch lug (the projections of your watch face that contact the watch strap).  This will release the old strap, and ta-da, you have removed it! 

If you do not have these quick release spring bars, you have a traditional watch strap that will require a simple tool called a spring bar removal tool (sold here). 


To remove the watch strap in this case, insert the end of the spring bar removal tool between the first lug and the watch strap and push the spring bar away from that lug towards the second lug to release it. 


Now, let's put on your exciting new watch strap!

NOTE: When purchasing a new watch strap, be sure to know what size to select. Click here to read our simple guide on selecting the correct watch strap size for your watch. 

If your new watch strap is a NATO or Perlon strap, watch this video:


If your new watch strap is a Marine Nationale strap, watch this video:


If your new watch strap is a Two Piece watch strap (i.e. Leather, Velcro, Sailcloth, Rubber, Metal), read on:

If your new watch strap is a quick release strap, simply use your fingers to slide the spring bar lever on the underside of the strap away from the lug, position it between the lugs, then release!

If your new watch strap is of the traditional sort, then you may use your old spring bars from your existing strap (this is preferred as they will be a guaranteed, perfect fit) or the new spring bars that Strapify provide with your strap purchase.

    1. Push the spring bars through the horizontal openings at the end of the straps.
    2. Position one end of the spring bar into the first lug
    3. Use your spring bar removal tool to hold the other end of the spring bar away from the second lug until it is in position.
    4. Now you can release it into the second lug!


      If you have any questions, please do use our website chat system. We are ready and excited to help you!