Geniune Leather Watch Straps Replacements - The Shocking Truth!

TLDR: Genuine leather is a synonym for cheap and nasty leather!

Looking for a genuine leather watch strap? Let me stop you right there!

Strapify Australia does NOT and will never sell a "genuine leather" watch strap.

Keep reading as the reason shockingly simple.

Genuine leather is the lowest grade of leather passable to be sold as a leather. This is ok if you just want to have the cheapest watch strap possible.

"Genuine Leather" has been a very clever marketing trick over the many decades so that large companies can sell you poor products at high markups. I know of many people who actively seek "genuine leather" because they think it's a sign of a quality product! They couldn't have been more wrong!

Generally, this leather isn't durable and many shortcuts would have been used in order to bring costs down to a bare minimum. You definitely wouldn't want your expensive watch sitting on something that's been made purely for the purpose of being cheap.

At Strapify Australia, we don't take any of these shortcuts. We source our leather straps from reputable European tanneries and have skilled artisans in Spain to produce our quality leather straps made using top grain leather only.

Top grain leather is used in many fine grade leather goods by many higher end designer brands.

It's made from a full grain leather and sanding away any imperfections to give you a beautiful and durable watch strap that we sell to you today.

Click the link below to explore our beautiful and exquisite range of top grain leather straps. 

Strapify Australia have the largest selection in Australia AND we cater for 18mm all the way up to 24mm! Most of our leather straps also feature quick release spring bars so you can give your watch an instant face lift!


Smoked Brown Vintage Leather

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