Checking Service Policy

Our Checking Service:

As part of our service, we check your orders to make sure you have ordered the correct size to ensure you have a pleasant experience with us. Watch straps and sizes can be confusing and we try to take the confusion out of this process by checking orders for you.

We try our best to check all orders when a watch model is provided, though we cannot guarantee that all orders are checked. Given the sheer volume of orders, sometimes this is not possible (we have virtually checked over 99.9% of orders though).

We take care in making sure you get the right strap, so we ask that you take care in making sure you have written the complete and correct model in the notes.

Watch models can be very similar and a small designation letter can be enough to mean that you need a different size. For example, Garmin Vivoactive 4 and 4s. Vivoactive  4 uses 22mm and Vivoactive 4s uses 18mm. Similarly, Samsung also have the Galaxy Watch 46 which uses 22mm straps and the Galaxy Watch 4 46mm which uses 20mm straps. 

Therefore, it is extremely important for you to provide the full and correct model. 

If you have inserted an incomplete model, for example 'galaxy watch 3', we will assume it is either of the 41mm (which uses 20mm straps) or 45mm (which uses 22mm straps) models. This means if you have ordered 20mm or 22mm, we will assume that to be correct. If you have ordered 18mm, we would put your order on hold and confirm with you. Though, we prefer not to put your order on hold because this holds up the packing process and delays your order!

We have had many customers write an incomplete/incorrect model in the notes and we have fixed orders based on their watch model notes and this usually results in a dispute on who's responsible.

If you have provided an incomplete model/incorrect model and we have checked and changed your order to the correct size based on your model you have provided, it remains your responsibility to post back your order to exchange for the correct size. For Australia, we will cover standard postage back out to you of goodwill on your exchange. For international orders, you will need to cover postage both ways.

In most cases, we do not confirm the change in your order as we need to ensure orders are shipped out in a timely manner (1 in 10 people make this mistake). There are a couple of reasons for this:

1. E-mail provider spam filters.

In the past, we would e-mail all customers where a change is made, however due to spam filters, our e-mails sometimes are never received and we therefore cannot contact the customer. This would result in some orders being placed on hold for a long period of time until the customer realises the order never arrived. This is why we don't confirm the change unless we know something is fundamentally wrong.

2. Customer expectations.

In the past, we have placed orders on hold until a customer confirms they are happy with the change however spam filters have blocked the e-mails or a customer misses the e-mail resulting in orders not being able to be shipped the same day and missing deadlines for birthday gifts and other reasons. We've had many customers disappointed that we've put orders on hold as we wait to confirm with them especially if they have already given the full and correct model in the notes already.

For this reason, we no longer put orders on hold (unless we know something is fundamentally wrong).

This was a long read but we hope this stresses the importance of providing the full and correct model!

Too long didn't read (TLDR): If you put your watch model in the notes, make sure it's the full and correct model as it is your responsibility to provide us with full and complete information.