Strap Size

Finding your strap size can be quite confusing. We'll try to simplify this process in as less words as we can!

The easiest way to find your strap size is use either a Google search. We'll go through the steps to do a "proper" Google search. Otherwise, you can manually measure your strap size if you have a more obscure watch brand or model number.

The "lug width" determines the strap size that you need. For example, a 22mm lug width, will use a 22mm strap. Simple right?

The lazy method:

What you will need:
- Your watch brand
- Your watch model number/name (model numbers are ideal because a manufacturer may change the size between different model numbers)

What you need to know:
This method works best for the more 'popular' brands/models. If you don't have the exact specifics of the watch - do not use this method.

Go to Google and in the search field, type the following:


Example 1:

Rolex Submariner 114060 Lug Width

Example 2:

Daniel Wellington Cornwall lug width

You will be able to find different websites which will state the lug width of the watch you are looking for. Here's an example of what to look for:


Note: if you have an odd numbered strap size, for example, a 21mm lug width, you can use a 20mm strap on your watch. This will mean a 1mm gap however.

The Manual Method:

What you will need:
- Ruler or measuring tape
- Your watch

Here's a great video made by TheStrapSmith: