How to Remove Steel Bracelet Links

Most metal straps that we sell use a "pin & collar" to connect links on a steel bracelet.

Some of our straps also use a screw link and will require a fine screwdriver.

Removal of "Pin & Collar" links:

For these steel bracelets, there's two ways to remove these links:

1. DIY Method:

 2. Purchase a Link removal tool from us here

This is the easiest way to remove links conveniently.


Removal of "Screw" links:

There are also 'screw links' straps which are sold on our 'King' range. Our product descriptions will state whether links are secured by screw links.

These will require a fine screwdriver to remove links.

We stock a premium Bergeon 1.2mm wide screwdriver which will suit most uses.

Click here to purchase this screwdriver.