NDIS / Occupational Therapists

Do you have a patient with NDIS or are you an Occupational Therapist?

Please read the following on how to get pricing and finding the right strap for your patients/clients.

First and foremost, we no longer provide quotes/invoices prior to purchasing. We get many requests which unfortunately do not eventuate to any firm orders. As much we'd like to help with this, filling in invoices and quotes is a time consuming process so we now provide a spreadsheet that you can easily fill in yourself.

Click here to access this spreadsheet.

Just fill in the yellow highlighted cells. GST is calculated once you input the price of the strap.

Our pricing is transparent and all include GST and include free postage as well. Once you are ready to order you can simply place an order online. If there's any issues you can contact us at hello@strapify.com.au

Secondly: The first thing to get right is your STRAP WIDTH (not length). Click here to manually measure the strap width. If your patient/client has a common smartwatch, you can click here to easily for the width. If you don't get this width right, it won't attach to their watch. 

What strap do I recommend for your patients?

The main issues we hear are that patients want a strap that doesn't have a buckle.

We therefore recommend our velcro range. Our military velcro range has multiple lengths so you should be able to find a suitable length to suit your patient needs. These velcro straps will also allow the heart rate sensors to remain intact.

Click here to view our velcro straps.

The other common issue we hear is that patients need a longer or shorter strap for a larger or smaller wrist.

For longer straps, click here.

For shorter straps, click here.

Need more help? Send us an email at hello@strapify.com.au