Why Do I Need an Adapter for the Galaxy Watch 4?

You would think that any 20mm watch strap or band would seamlessly fit the Galaxy Watch 4 as Samsung have advertised right?

Unfortunately this is not the case with the Galaxy Watch 4.

Typically, the lugs of a watch (the arms which surround the strap) measure just under 20mm.

This would mean the strap needs to be slightly narrower in order to fit this gap. This means that 20mm straps measure about 19.9mm in order to seamlessly fit 20mm lugs (aka. the arms).

Pictured below is our Steel Bracelet 3 in Black. You can see this clearly measures 19.9mm as we would expect.

Watch 4 Strap Strapify

Now, when we get to the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46mm, we can see the lugs (the arms) measure 19.7mm.

This means that the strap is now 0.2mm too wide and so this would not be able to fit the watch.

To confirm this, even Samsung's own Milanese strap for the Watch 4 does not fit the Classic! See their product reviews here.

There's 2 options to fix this issue:

1. File/Sand down the edges until they are 19.7mm wide. Note: This will void our 12 month warranty.

2. Purchase our gap-fill adapter so that you can use any regular sized 20mm strap AND also improve the aesthetics by removing the gap between the strap and your watch! Click here to purchase your new adapter!

Note: If you purchase our 'fitted' metal straps, you don't need an adapter!