Straps for Fossil Watches

Got a Fossil Watch? Read this page to find out how to find a strap for your fossil watch.

If you're lucky, it might be as easy as flipping your watch and looking at the strap. It might say 18, 20 or 22 on it. This mostly applies to Fossil smartwatches.

Fossil Smartwatches:

Click here to view common smartwatch sizes!

 Not a smartwatch? You can easily measure it using a ruler!

Using a Ruler

The easiest and most accurate way to find your strap size is to use a ruler and measure between the lugs (aka measuring the "lug width").

The lugs are the pointy ends of your watch which hold the strap onto the watch.

The above picture shows four lugs circled in red. Each side, (top two, and bottom two) will be the same measurement.
Now, with a ruler or tape measure, measure between the top or bottom set of lugs as pictured below:


Find your watch strap size


As you can see, we've measured this two ways, the top measuring device shows 22mm, but also, the bottom tape measure measures 22mm.

This means in our store, you would select a 22mm strap! That's it!

PS: Our straps will measure slightly smaller than 22mm so that it fits to your watch!

We do NOT recommend using camera ruler apps on your phone to measure. These can be inaccurate as a 1mm difference is enough for the strap to not fit to your watch.

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