Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Watch Strap and Band Replacements

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 rumoured upgrade to Samsung Watch 5

Look for some new watch straps and bands for the Galaxy Watch 5?

 Our biggest pet peeve with Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

We found the battery life to be our biggest paint point, only lasting a conservative 1 day of full utilisation, give or take (debatable? fight me). 

Early rumours for Samsung Galaxy Watch 5?

While Samsung hasn’t announced any official news, word on the street from various sources have cited a Korean battery manufacturer document with a battery capacity of 276mAh (that’s bigger than the 247mAh found in the 40mm Watch 4 model). 

So when is it going to be released?

Our predictions based on previous launches (Watch 3 was released in August 2020, Watch 4 was released in September 2021) is that the Samsung Watch 5 will launch in the second half of 2022.

Compatibility with existing straps?

We expect the Watch 5 to come with its signature fishtail band inline with its existing Watch 4. The Watch 4 takes is 20mm watch bands or straps.

This will also help existing Samsung Watch owners to swap or upgrade their straps to the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. 

Check out our new line of leather, steel and quick release Watch 4 bands: 

Remember that if you’re purchasing any stainless steel watch strap or band, then you’ll likely need a gap adapter. Please read this blog post for more info: 

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