Ultra NATO - Desert Sand (Seat-Belt NATO)

Ultra NATO - Desert Sand (Seat-Belt NATO)

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We've trimmed the fat off our Supreme NATO and made it even smoother, slimmer and comfortable!

We've added G-Force buckles which are thicker, durable and more scratch resistant. Our competitors use thin and flimsy buckles which will scratch and bend over time.

Our Supreme NATO is the best in it's class. With it's beautiful metallic sheen, this strap speaks quality throughout.

Designed with the most meticulous watch aficionado in mind.

  • Superior stainless steel flat hardware with G-Force Buckle
  • Metallic Sheen Nylon
  • Seat-belt durability and texture
  • 29cm long and 1.2mm thick
  • Waterproof
  • Complimentary spring bars per order

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